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Perfect moment to earn some extra cash with the electrical car, become ELMO Courier!


ELMO Courier Sign-up
It is easy and quick to become our courier: fill in some fields and pass the Veriff verification process, use special promocode “ELMOKULLER”, inform about your courier packet, plus send your bank account details and you can start earning money pretty soon!

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Why to become ELMO Courier:
* we are doing our best to work with all the partners and follow their criteria’s (like food couriers, shopping malls, B2B etc), so when one partner doesn’t need courier at that moment, then maybe another one needs and we will share you that information

* our courier drives with electrical car- so our kilometers are more environment friendlier

* we have large car park and price includes everything- so when something happens, you will just change the car. For example for ELMO Courier the daily rent is 25eur, weekly 130eur, plus cost for electricity charging (daily 2-3eur, weekly 10-15eur).

* free parking in the center of Tallinn (not in südalinn and vanalinn) and in Tartu
* cars available Wolkswagen e-UP! (range with full battery 200-260km) and Škoda eCitigo (range with full battery 200-260km)

* We make you downpayments every week. You make the deliveries, Partner pays to ELMO, ELMO calculates the car rental fee and pays the remaining directly to your bank account



1) Why to choose the ELMO Courier, why not to sign directly with special companies  

A: ELMO Rent’s main goal is to rent the electrical car for you and use the resource maximum by sharing that car. You are more than welcome and we encourage you to sign directly with special companies and just rent the car from us. We are working with all the partners, so the only differences are that when one partner doesn’t need the courier at that moment, then our other partner might need and when we can share the car with different couriers, then the rental cost for you is lower.

2) Electrical car charging takes too much of my valuable time?
A: You will probably drive 50-200km per day, so need up to 3 times charging per day. Charging from Enefit Volt fast chargers (see the map of fast chargers HERE) takes 20min to get ca 40km range, 40min to get ca 80km range. 20min is similar to your coffee brake and 40min takes proper lunch- its just little bit more planning, but this is the world of e-cars:).
If you still see that the charging will be hassle, just contact and lets work together the better solution for you

3) If something happens with the car
A: in the case of accident, we have kasko insurance, so in the worst case of scenario your risk fee is max 350eur. Please read all other rules and fees HERE.
The most reasonable is to talk with our friendly client service 527  2626 or and we will always find the solution. You just have to use the car being responsible.

4) How about all the payments?
A: You will make the deliveris, Partner pays to the ELMO Rent OÜ, we will calculate the rental fee for that period and pay the remaining sum to your bank account. There are always force majore, just contact us 527 2626 or

5) Using the car
A: Simple- you will use your phone to open-close the doors and from the first try you will experience the e-cars driving pleasure. Just enjoy pure driving.


Did you know that:
1) using electrical car saves cost for fuel 30-50% and saves the environment
2) ELMO Rent is one of the first electrical car rental company in the world (established 2013 by Estonian Government)
3) ELMO Rent is responsible company with silver quality stamp
4) you can check out our news and developments from our Facebook and Web

Lets become more environment friendly together and use our electrical cars!