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ELMO program – rental services’ leader

ELMO RENT has grown out from ELMO – Estonian electromobility program initiated by the Estonian Government in cooperation with the Mitsubishi Corporation to support the use of energy saving and environmentally friendly electric cars and chargeable hybrids.   The program was implemented by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Social Affairs and Kredex Foundation.

The goal of the ELMO short-term rental services initiated in 2013 within the framework of the program was to present and promote the use of electric cars and provide everyone with a possibility to drive an electric car.   

According to the assessment of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications the program has achieved its major goal by now, there are several different electric car rentals in the market and the state can release the developed services to the open market.   Quick charging network was also built up and within the framework of the program Estonia has purchased 1,200 electric cars.

ELMO rental services searching for a new owner

Due to the expiry of public procurement contracts KredEx Foundation terminated providing the short-term rental services established under the ELMO program. In April the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications announced an opened auction for the electric car rental services established within the framework of ELMO program together with the car fleet of 31 electric cars (22 Nissan Leaf and 9 Mitsubishi i-Miev) and 15 regular chargers for electric cars.  Four bidders participated in the auction and ELMO RENT Ltd’s joint offer of 277,000 euros was recognized successful. The auction initial price was 120,000 euros.

Fresh winds or ELMO RENT 2.0

Our story begins.

September 13th is the day when you can start enjoying again the joy of pure driving by ELMO RENT electric cars.

By now we have returned 31 electric cars (22 Nissan Leaf and 9 Mitsubishi i-Miev) to the road and continue providing rental services the way the users are used to. The cars are available for rental in Tallinn and Tartu on the old terms.

We see a bright perspective in the short-term rental services on the shared economy basis and are planning to invest in a longer-term rental service growth vs. contract terms (ensure providing rental services at least for three years).     

We are planning to make the electric car rental services more accessible for a larger user community.    Our aim is to become a pioneer in the user-friendliness of the rental services by improving the convenience and simplicity of the services, increasing the car fleet and number of rental points.

We can achieve best results together. Should you have any ideas and thoughts about how to make the rental services even more friendly for you, please let us know.  We are oriented at fast modifications and improvements and each and every advice and practical experience is important to us.