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Right now is the best time to get costs under control.

ELMO Rent environmentally friendly cars are low cost, you can use different cars even every day – so easy it is!

ELMO Rent is a company offering short-term rental of environmentally friendly cars, based on the sharing economy and provides the most optimal transport solutions to get from point A to point B.

We analyze the needs of your company and offer you a solution.

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ELMO Rent car fleet includes:

50 electric and hybrid cars ⇒ see the car fleet here:

22 rental points in Tallinn and Tartu

New cars are coming soon and we also open new rental points.


Why choose ELMO Rent as a cooperation partner for the company?


– Cheap! You only pay for the use.

Monthly package from 99 euros + VAT, kilometer fee will be added from 0.05 eur/km.

– Worry-free kilometers! The price includes fuel, insurance, maintenance and other costs (eg summer tires vs winter tires).

– Time saving! You can get faster to your destination by an electric car because of the possibility to use public transport lanes.

– Happy employee! No one has to sit in traffic jams in the morning.

– Easier parking! Parking is free at all rental points and in the center of Tallinn.

– Convenient! Keyless mobile rentals, automatic card payment or invoice at the end of the month.

– Don’t pay for the night! Cars can be left at home for the night, between 19.00 and 08.00 on working days, if the car is not used, the fee is 0 euros.

– All trips of your company are environmentally friendly!


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Contact our customer support by phone +372 527 2626 or write to e-mail

Photo: Allan Leppikson / Reval Foto