The domestic car sharing company ELMO Rent is counting on the help of caring community members to cope with the recent heavy snowfall in Estonia. The company is offering to transfer 5 euros to the bank account or 10 euros of drive credit to anyone who notices a snowy car at an ELMO Rent sharing point or on the street and takes the trouble to clean it.

According to the weather forecast, the winter magic will continue all over Estonia for some time to come, which will definitely put a sparkle in the eyes of winter sports enthusiasts. The community car sharing company ELMO Rent hopes that in addition to sports fans, there are also those who have recently missed throwing snow and would like to help the company in this, one of the most beautiful winters in years, in return for a little extra money.

“The sharing economy creates new opportunities and significant benefits for both communities and businesses as well as increasing our sense of responsibility. We have convened a community where cooperation is honoured – hopefully, there will be a lot of people in these snowy conditions who feel the need to help, and thus earn a little extra,” said Julia Nekrassova, the company’s CEO, adding that you can earn money for every cleaned car. 

To do this:

  1. a) find a snowy ELMO Rent car at any company sharing point in Tallinn or Tartu
  2. b) notify our customer support at 5272626 about your wish to clean it of snow
  3. c) register your data on the website  so that we can pay you
  4. d) and be a diligent snow thrower!

For more information and the location of our rental points, visit our website