Starting today, March 29th, for ELMO Rent customers 34 cars and 22 rental points are available in the largest centers of Tallinn and Tartu. 4 cars of 34 are hybrid cars Toyota Prius, perfect for longer distances, without tanking up to 800km. 

The largest Estonian electric car short-term rental provider ELMO Rent and the first Estonian mobile car short-term rental provider Minirent united and 4 hybrid cars are now part of the car park of ELMO Rent.

„Minirent has best experience in providing short-term car rental services and we believe that the valuable statistics of more than 7 years will also facilitate the further improvement of ELMO Rent service convenience“, Enn Laansoo, Jr, ELMO Rent CEO, explained the decision.

Starting today, March 29th, both for former Minirent customers as well as current ELMO Rent customers 34 cars and 22 rental points are available in the largest centers of Tallinn and Tartu. Minirent customers are automatically transferred to the ELMO Rent booking system, so that they can continue using the services as before, however with a better car choice and bigger amount of rental points.

The acquisition was a part of the company’s strategy to become the Estonian leading pioneer in providing environmentally friendly shared economy-based car services.  „In our vision ELMO Rent is a company with great ambitions and secure future. More and more Europeans refuse from buying a car and prefer to rent it when needed. We support the trend extending the accessibility of our services in Estonia“, clarified  Enn Laansoo, Jr.

Estonians still continue to be dependent too much on leasing and prefer to be the users of leased cars, however, the future will rest upon shared economy-based car services. “The bold trend makers with Taxify on top, have already changed our driving habits. ELMO Rent service concept is to impact the endless growth of buying cars”, believes Laansoo, Jr.

ELMO Rent short-term rental service is already now cheaper than taxi. Short-term rental service of environmentally friendly electric and hybrid cars provides an alternative to the companies and private persons that leased cars so far, to abandon car related fixed costs, saving money on leasing and insurance as well as maintenance costs. „Use of short-term rental services enables optimizing costs, as you pay only for the time you use the rental car, be it just needed for an hour to drive to work and back home. An own car means permanent fixed costs irrespective of how often you use it“, added Laansoo, Jr.

Additional information about pricing and service conditions in here

Enjoy pure driving!