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Roadtrip package

Vacation with ELMO!
NEW PACKAGE offer just for you: a weekly all-inclusive car rental package from 199 to 249 euros/week!
Yes Yes! You understood it correctly – all expenses are included in the price:
– No kilometer fees up to 1000 km
– No extra insurance fees, we took care of that
– No deposit, just register with your cell and go
– No need to pay for your car leasing, maintenance and parking fees
– No CO2 emission with our e-car, so you also take care of the environment
You have the opportunity to (re)discover with ELMO Rent electric or hybrid cars the beauty of Estonia, the other Baltic countries and why not also Finland!
Hurry to enjoy taking maximum out of this autumn.
Just take a break and go on vacation, relax, discover, explore, be inspired! For ELMO Rent cars reservations or ideas where to go, please contact our customers angel by phone + 372 527 2626 or write to us
Have an unforgettable vacation with ELMO Rent’s environment friendly cars!

Monthly package

Car for a whole month!

Rent a car for a whole month, all included in the package from 650 to 750 euros!
Yes, you read that right – all costs are included!
– no fuel charge, drive up to 4000km *
– no need to pay insurance, we do it for you
– No deposit, register as a customer and drive
– no need to pay for expensive leasing, car maintenance
– An electric car does not emit CO2 into the atmosphere, so you care about the environment
Feel free to make bigger travel plans, because if you want, you can also travel to Latvia, Lithuania or Finland.

Drive in an environmentally friendly way with ELMO!

* – from 4000km per kilometer the price is 0.10 €

Become a loyal customer and save money!

With the loyalty card you are ELMO Rent regular customer. You always drive fot 0,10 euros/km and 1 euro/h.

⚡️ Loyalty card monthly fee 99 euros;
⚡️ You always drive fot 0,10 euros/km and 1 euro/h.
⚡️ Opportunity to do business as well as private trips; 
⚡️ You can share trips with colleagues;
⚡️ Brand new cars: Renault, VW või Škoda;
⚡️ You drive faster by electric car (possibility to use public transport lanes);
⚡️ Billing starts from 1 minute;
⚡️ Free parking at all rental points and inthe center of Tallinn and Tartu;
⚡️ No keys. All you need for rental is your mobile phone and bank card;
⚡️ All your rides are environmentally friendly!
If you have any questions or you want to start your electric journey, 
feel free to call customer support at +372 527 2626 or send an e-mail:

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