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Monthly package price:

You have the entire ELMO Rent car pool at your disposal on the terms of the monthly package in Tallinn and Tartu, seasonally also in Pärnu and Narva according to the car availability.

How do we calculate the monthly package of the rental service?

If you decide to join the monthly package, we will charge 99 euros off your bank card as a down payment and straight after the payment the monthly package comes into force. Exactly in 1 month we sum up all your trips made within the month accurate to a minute, plus mileage in kilometers and recalculate the expected monthly number of over hours and kilometers into the really used ones. We also include the next month fee in the invoice unless you inform us about your wish to leave the monthly package.   All settlements are made automatically by bank card payments. No worries for you! Life is simple!

Inform our customer service about your wish to join the monthly package calling 527 2626 or write to  info@elmorent.ee.


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