In September of this year, ELMO Rent, which offers electric vehicle sharing services, celebrates the third year of operation as a private company. During this period, the company’s electric cars have covered 1.66 million kilometers. The environmental savings count up to 300 tons of CO2, which is the amount of CO2 generated by the annual electricity production for 50 households.

This year, ELMO Rent has expanded rapidly, with the acquisition of 75 brand new electric vehicles. In total, the car fleet will grow to almost 100 environmentally friendly cars by the end of 2020. “Today, with the change of the car fleet and the development of technology, we have turned a new page in the company’s operations and no longer have to talk about uncertainty about the distance covered,” said Julia Nekrassova, CEO of ELMO Rent in September this year. The new Renault Zoe, Škoda Citigo, Volkswagen e-UP, Nissan Leaf are represented in the ELMO Rent car fleet today, Peugeot e208GT is coming. However, the last older Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi iMiev are waiting for new owners.

Offering simple, convenient and the best customer service is another priority of ELMO Rend in addition to environmental protection. “We want to be much more than just a company offering electric car sharing services. For example, we have developed smart fleet operation technology that helps analyze the use of cars and thus optimize resources. This is especially a bonus for business customers who usually use several ELMO Rent vehicles. The number of car sharing points is also constantly increasing,” Nekrassova pointed out. As a new solution, it is now possible to leave the rental car in another city. “We met our customers’ needs, because from time to time it is really necessary to drive only 1 way –  from Tallinn to Tartu or vice versa. Now customers can comfortably make their journey and leave the car at the rental point in the destination city,” said Nekrassova.

ELMO Rent’s plan for the coming years is ambitious and it is supported by people’s growing environmental awareness. “The transport sector is changing very fast. If companies last made a revolution in it having started to use the taxi service on a daily basis, then the next challenge is to stop using their personal car and use car-sharing services. It is significantly more cost-effective and environmentally friendly,” encouraged Nekrassova to analyze the costs related to your own car and assess its necessity. As a pioneering company, ELMO Rent also operates in the direction of the future: “The time for self-propelled cars is coming soon, we want to be participants in the first section on this front!”

ELMO Rent is one of the world’s first electric car sharing companies, which offers customers environmentally friendly driving opportunities. Every month, ELMO Rent vehicles save an average of more than 7,000 kg of CO2 in urban areas. Since 2019, 100% domestic ELMO Rent has been recognized as the first car rental company with the Responsible Business label.