1. Who are we?

ELMO Rent AS (“we“) provides short-term rental service for electric and hybrid cars and a car fleet maintenance service. We have grown out of the Estonian electrical mobility programme ELMO, which is a joint programme of the Estonian government and the Mitsubishi Corporation launched to support the introduction of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly electric cars and rechargeable hybrids.

Our goal is to be the leader in user-friendliness of the environmentally friendly rental service, by which we want to increase the ease and simplicity of our service at every step, expand the car fleet and service availability, including rental locations.

Our data is as follows: Elmo Rent AS, register code 12994939, address of location 12 Kivi St, Paldiski City 78605, e-mail: info@elmorent.ee

Depending on the customer’s order, the personal data processor is either Elmo Rent AS. 

2. Whose personal data do we process?

We process the personal data of our clients and our cooperation partners’ representatives. We consider clients to be persons who wish to use our service or that use our service (“you“). Our cooperation partners are persons from whom we buy services or products.

Our service is aimed at a natural person, because only a person can drive a car rented from us.


3. Why do we process personal data?

We do not provide a service to an anonymous client, that is, we collect relevant personal data for each of our clients.

For the most part, we are the responsible processor of personal data, that is, we collect personal data from you directly ourselves, for our set purposes. As a rule, as an authorised processor, we obtain personal data from our cooperation partner and strictly follow the partner’s instructions. Regardless of whether we are the responsible or authorised processor of personal data, we comply with our Data Protection Rules.


4. Where do we obtain personal data from?

We receive primary personal data from you when you register yourself as a user on our web page or submit a request to us.

You can register as a user by clicking on the “Start” icon under “Register as user” on our web page. After that an application page opens, which you have to fill in. In the application, we ask for data, without the disclosure of which we will not be able to provide you with the service.

In the case that you are interested in our service but need additional information, you can send us an information inquiry by clicking on the “contact us” icon. In this case, we collect the personal data that you disclose to us.

We collect data independently for the use of our service, mainly for your security reasons.


5. Which values and principles do we follow?

We respect everybody’s right to protect their personal data. We take good care of your personal data. We understand that the world around us is changing and therefore we analyse the risks associated with personal data processing and we take appropriate mitigation measures to alleviate risks.

We process the personal data in a legal and minimal necessary amount. We define clear objectives and process personal data for these purposes only.

To protect personal data we apply various measures (physical, technical, organisational).

For legitimate reasons we forward personal data to our contractual partners. We require and expect them to be careful and ethical when processing personal data and to keep personal data secure.

We also forward personal data to public offices and supervisory authorities that are legally authorised to obtain personal data.

We only retain personal data for as long as required by law or contracts or necessary for our business activities. At the end of the retention period we shall delete the personal data permanently.

We understand that compliance with our applicable privacy requirements is enforced through our employees. Therefore, we consider it important and we are committed to ensuring that our employees are aware of and comply with the data protection regulations.

Under the data protection conditions we have specified in detail the purposes of processing personal data, your rights and our liabilities and responsibility related to the processing of personal data.


6. Cookies

We use ‘cookies’ on our web page that you can accept if you decide to use our web page. ‘Cookies’ help us to improve the services offered to you and make these more convenient for you.

We collect data about how you communicate with our web page. Additionally, we may collect information from your computer or device, such as the IP address, the type and version of the browser you are using, the length and time of the web page visit session, the pages visited, and demographic information, such as the preference and location of the language you are using. We use these data to display custom content to you and for statistical purposes to improve our web page.

If you prefer your personal data not to be processed on the web page, you can activate your web browser’s private browsing feature.


7. What are your rights relating to personal data?

You have control over your personal data. You can perform checking, among other things, as follows: You have the right to familiarise yourself with your personal data, to request us to rectify personal data, to the restriction of processing of personal data, to object to the processing of personal data and to personal data portability.

If you have questions or requests regarding your personal data, please contact us at (info@elmorent.ee). We take your requests seriously. You have the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Inspectorate (www.aki.ee).


8. Validity and availability of data protection rules

From time to time we may update the data protection rules. The existing data protection rules are available on our web page www.elmorent.ee