No Cars Available Near You?

Request a car to your door. Let us know what time and where you need the car, and our employee will deliver it free of charge.

1. Download the ELMO app


2. Register as a client

3. Choose when and where you want the car

An ELMO employee will pick up the car of your choice and deliver it at your chosen time.

All you now have to do is unlock the doors with the app and start driving.

0 € Delivery Fee

Pricing is based on the standard price list: time used + kilometers driven.

Useful Information

– Cars can be ordered in Tallinn and Tartu. Delivery to the vicinity of these cities is possible up to 25 km from the city center.

– Time period for submitting an order is 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m for the same day. With 1 hour’s notice in Tallinn, and 3 hours’ notice in Tartu.

– With longer notice, you can even request a car for the whole month for specific times.

– It is also possible to order a car to the prohibited zone (blue area in the app).

– After the session has begun, the customer is responsible for parking fees and fines.

– Billing starts from the ordered time or when the doors are unlocked earlier.

– The maximum length of the rental session is 72 hours.

Finishing the Session

– According to the Service Agreement

Cancelling the Request

– You have the right to cancel your request free of charge up until 3 hours before the start of the rental session or 3 minutes after the submission of the request. See the Price List

Arvuta sõidu maksumus

The Car Will Already Deliver Itself to You

During the past years, ELMO Rent has been developing a car that can be controlled over a 4G network. The idea is that the customer gets a rental car exactly when and where he needs it. In addition, they can leave it in a convenient place after the session. At the end of the rental session, an ELMO employee takes over control from the office and drives the car to the next customer. Sound mystical? Learn more: