When renting a car, you will have various questions and here you will find the most common questions and answers:

  1. I rent a car but how do I open the car doors?

Answer: Find the car, book it, press “Open doors” in the app.

  1. Do I have to return the car to the same customer point where the journey started?
  2. Answer: No, the car can be returned at the allowed areas in Tallinn and Tartu
  3. What do our parents ask us the most? Do our cars have ISOFIX attachments for child seats?
    Answer: Yes, all cars are equipped with ISOFIX attachments.
  1. Where you can park for free in Tallinn?
    Answer: ELMO Rent electric cars have FREE parking in the City Center area and also in all ELMO Rent rental points.

Südalinn, Vanalinn and private car parks are subject to a fee.

In Tartu there is free parking for electric cars in zones A and B.

Detailed parking information can be found here: https://www.parkimine.ee/Parkimisinfo/tallinn

Information about parking in Tartu – https://tartu.ee/en/node/1370

  1. You have reached the selected car, you open the doors, you sit in the car, you start the car, you play music, everything is just great! … but the car doesn’t move!???
    How do you release the “handbrake” if you don’t even see it anywhere?
    Answer: Nissan Leaf 2017 and 2018 cars have a foot-operated parking brake located above the left footrest. You should only press the pedal with your foot to release the brake.
  1. Customers praise that our cars are pleasantly quiet, the music system sounds great and conversations with passengers are much more comfortable because there is no noise in the car.

But before you start driving, the next question arises, because the car is so quiet …

How do I know the car is working?

Answer: The green car sign illuminates on the car’s dashboard or the text “Ready” on some models.

  1. Can I register as a user with a foreign driving license?

Answer: Of course you can, except with the driver’s license of the Russian Federation. Use the document number instead of the personal identification code.

If necessary, feel free to ask for advice from ELMO Rent customer support by phone +372527 2626

  1. Is the fee calculated only for driving time?

Answer: No, the time is counted from opening the door to the end of the service. Trip fee is calculated based on time spent + kilometer fee. 

  1. Do I have to charge the car when I return it?

Answer: It is not always necessary and it is not always possible. The charging point is not the ELMO Rent return point, but the charging point is a “gas station” for electric vehicles and all electric vehicles charge there. If the car battery is more than 50% full, you do not need to charge it, in this case do not park in front of the EnefitVolt charging station. However, if the battery is less than 50% full and the charging station is free, the car should be charged if possible. Thank you!

  1. How to charge the car and stop charging?

Answer: For the Nissan Leaf, use the Chademo adapter at the EnefitVolt quick charging station and the CCS adapter for other cars. Renault, Volkswagen and Škoda charge with the help of the Type 2 wired AC plug found in the car. At all EnefitWolt stations, you need to use the plastic card you can find in the car to activate charging

  1. connect the cable to the car
  2. read the EnefitVolt card
  3. press the START button next to the corresponding cable.
  4. When the car has started charging successfully, you will see blue lights flashing behind the windscreen on the Nissan armature, Zoe color codes are marked on the car’s charging hatch and the charging portal changes color according to the activity, VW and Skoda also change colors on the charging portal, charging is indicated by a green light.

End of charging:

When the car battery is full, charging stops automatically and releases the plug. You can release it simply by pressing the corresponding button.

If the car is still charging, the cable cannot be disconnected, so you must do the following:

  1. Let the charger read the EnefitVolt card
  2. press the STOP button on the cable
  3. after changing the corresponding color codes, the car releases the cable. If the cable or loading hatch is still closed, it is advisable to open the doors again either from the remote control, the buttons on the driver’s door or the button with the gas station sign to the left of the steering wheel.
  4. NB! You must take a suitable to the AC charger Type 2 cable included in the car kit. If you have left this cable, the next charge cannot be performed!!!
  5. How fast can different models be charged with different chargers?

Answer: The charging time of the car depends on the size of the car battery and how full it is.

The smaller the battery, the faster it charges, and the shorter is the range.

If the battery is empty:

Chademo quick charger (Nissan leaf) 40 minutes to 1 hour

CCS charger 40 minutes to 1 hour

AC charger 2-4 hours

Home charger 8-12 hours (may take longer).

  1. Where are the quick chargers suitable for new European cars located?

Answer: EnefiVolt CCS chargers suitable for European cars are located

In Tallinn:

Ülemiste center underground parking

Arsenal Center car park

In the port near D-terminal, Lootsi 11 (Overall house)

Mauruse House on Mustamäe tee

Vabaduse Square underground parking (paid)

In Tartu:

Kvartali center P2 parking lot

  1. If I see a dent in the car or the car is very dirty before starting the rental, what should I do?

Answer: Please take a photo and send it to info@elmorent.ee

  1. I registered as a customer but can no longer log in.

Answer: Please log in with your personal code and password. We do not use an email address to log in.

  1. Why haven’t I received a bill for the rent?

Answer: You probably haven’t finished the rental and you’ve just closed the doors. Upon successful rental, you will receive a text message that the rental session has ended. After a while you will receive your bill soon and the payment will be made from your bank account.

  1. Why do I get a notification that I am inactive or that I already have an active rental session??

Answer: You are inactive if you have an unpaid bill. An active session means that you have rented a car already and you cannot rent two cars.

In any case, the idea of the notification is that for one reason or another you cannot rent.