Come and join the ELMO community, earn income from your parked vehicle and together we will reduce the environmental footprint!

What does ELMO Rent offer for the community?
Extra income – earn extra money 50, 300, 500 euros, more or less, depends on you.
Your car is parked for 95% of the time, so why not make the car make money as long as you don’t need it.
Bring your hybrid car to the ELMO Rent car fleet and earn extra money. We expect environmentally friendly (hybrid, electric) cars, vans, motorcycles, scooters (including non-motorized ones) and feel free to offer even a helicopter (if it is electric).

How to start?
Please send an e-mail to with the following data: name, e-mail, telephone, make and model of the vehicle, year. Add also for how long you are planning to give your vehicle for sharing, by day, week, weekend, month, etc.?

What does ELMO Rent do?
We check if your vehicle is suitable for our community. We guarantee that the vehicle will earn you the maximum income – marketing and sales are our responsibility (we have experience in driving sharing since 2011).

Billing 1 x per month.
As a member of the community, you can use ELMO Rent park other vehicles on favorable terms. In case of an accident, we will help you manage it (we offer solutions, you choose). We pay Kasko deductibles and demand it from the guilty driver – for you to have less headache.

Let’s talk about money
80% goes to the owner of the vehicle, but the costs to be deducted.
20% receives ELMO Rent.

The percentage is appealing, but what does it include?
ELMO Rent’s 20% service fee includes the service sales and marketing costs, the operation of the vehicle fleet (incl. accident management and the respective IT platform), the car controller and its communication costs, a fierce team and a lot of fun. The owner of the car will bear the costs of technical condition and maintenance (depreciation), motor + Kasko insurance, car wash and fuel or charging costs.

EXAMPLE: You have a nice hybrid car that earns 550 euros in revenue per month; 20% or 90 euros of ELMO Rent service fee will be deducted from 550 euros and if in agreement with you 1 wash of 16 euros has been performed during the month and to offer the service the car was refueled for 70 euros, we will pay you 550 euros -110 euros -16 euros -70 euros = 354 euros. Be aware that 354 euros is not your profit, as you need to perform regular car maintenance and provide motor and Kasko insurance for the car. Cognitively, in this example, your net income could be about 250eur/month, which would be additional income of your parked car. That would make almost 3000 euros a year, which is two months’ salary of a decent employee.

Come offer your vehicle, join the ELMO community! Send an e-mail to