Come and join the ELMO community, earn income from your parked vehicle and together we will reduce the environmental footprint!

Please enter your name and phone number and we will contact you as soon as possible or within 12 hours at the latest.

* – ELMO Rent offers up to 1000 € per month for selected cars. We pay up to 1000 euros per month for keeping your car on the rental platform for the first three months, provided the car has been on the platform for at least 6 months in a row. The last three months are settled according to ELMO usual pricing (70/30 – information below).

Environmentally friendly vehicles selected by ELMO Rent will be included in the special offer. We expect environmentally friendly (hybrid, electric, gas) cars, vans, motorcycles, scooters (including non-motorized ones) and feel free to offer even a helicopter (only electric).

How to start?

Please send an e-mail to jaga@elmorent.ee with the following information: name, e-mail, telephone, make, model and manufacture year of the vehicle.

Add how long you plan to give your vehicle for sharing, by day, week, weekend, month, etc.?

About pricing in general:

The cars in Elmo are divided into four different price groups. The price per kilometer decreases for all cars after covering 100 km by 0.10 €. The price calculator can be tested here: https://elmorent.ee/uus-hinnakiri/.

Price group Rent 1 Rent 2 Rent 3 Rent 4
Cars Nissan Leaf 2016, Toyota Yaris 2020, Škoda Citigo 2020 Nissan Leaf 2018/ Toyota Corolla 2020 / Volkswagen e-up 2020 Nissan Leaf 2019/ Renault Zoe 2020 / Peugeot e-208 GT 2020 Volkswagen ID.3/ Nissan Leaf 2021 e+ Tekna
Minute/hour/24h price 0.08€ / 4.80€ / 24.00€ 0.10 €/6.00€ / 30.00€ 0.12€ / 7.20€ / 36.00€ 0.14€/ 8.40€/42.00€
Kilometer price/km from 100km 0.15€/0.10€ 0.17€/0.10€ 0.18€/0.10€ 0.20€/0.10€


Taking the annual average, hybrid cars earn € 700-900 a month in revenue regardless of their price group. As a rule, in summer the use of cars is higher and thus the income they earn.

On average, one rental hybrid car travels 1800 – 2300 km per month.

Breakdown of costs and benefits:

Elmo Rent (30% of revenue) Car owner (70% of revenue)
Controller installation, maintenance and removal Car maintenance
Controller communication costs Motor insurance
Sales and marketing costs Kasko
Vehicle fleet operation costs (fuel, carwash, customer verifications, traffic accidents, claims, etc.)

How to use Elmo Rent:

  1. The client creates an account in the https://elmorent.ee environment, where he also uploads a document image and performs face detection. The account manager verifies the account before the client can start rental.
  2. Once the account is confirmed, the customer selects a rental point on the map and choses a suitable car. When he arrives to the car, he makes a call to open the car and can start driving it. Should the fuel run out, in the car there is a fuel card that the customer can use to refuel.
  3. The customer returns the car in the same condition to a suitable rental point. Rental points can be found at https://rent.elmorent.ee.

Other issues

  1.  If something happens to the car – in a situation where the customer informs about it or the next customer does. First, an Elmo Rent technician will be sent out to assess the situation. If it is an insured event, the customer will be charged a deductible, or if it is another situation, Elmo Rent will demand it from the customer who caused it. If necessary, Elmo Rent can assist the car owner with an insured event.
  2. How long must the car be on the Elmo Rent platform?
    – As a minimum, the car must be on the platform for 72 hours at a time, but the car owner decides for how long he is willing to give his car for rent. If the situation arises that the owner wants to use the car himself, eg for a week/day, he has the authority to do so. The car can be removed from the rental fleet and put back in a few movements. If there is a wish to cancel the contract, Elmo Rent will remove the controller from the car at its own expense.