Have you noticed that your car might not be in use 90% of the time? It’s becoming rising trend in Estonian families to rent ELMO Rent electric and hybrid cars as family second car. Renting a car needs-based you might not only save money, but also the environment around you!

  • Pay only for the time you are really using the car.
  • Parking is free of charges and mostly located in front of the biggest stores and malls.
  • You can forget about going to the gas station and do not worry about rising gas prices – Charging in fast charge networks is completely free for you!
  • No repair costs – everything will be done for you – even the tire change before winter and summer!
  • No traffic jams – Sleep longer in the mornings, because you have access to traffic jam free bus lane.
  • ELMO Rent car rent is automatic and available 24/7 – Open car doors with your mobile and drive.
  • You can rent ELMO Rent electric car for a minute, for an hour, for a day or for a week – the choice is yours!
  • Electric and hybrid cars are warming up within minutes, additionally the cars have wheel heater, front and back seat heaters aswell.
  • On the icy roads the stability control, traction control and ABS brakes will help you out!
  • Using ECO mode while driving you can increase the mileage up to 10%
  • Registering is easy and fast – fill in some information, pick user package, and you are ready to go on the road.

Use the promocode ‘’Perejakodu’’ and get 30% discount until the end of the January!

Source Pere ja Kodu