The Swedish cleantech company Elonroad and Estonian teledriving technology company Elmo are pleased to formally announce their entry into a Letter of Intent (LOI) to collaborate in developing an innovative stationary charging track in Tallinn, Estonia for Elmo´s electric cars fleet. This partnership will combine their expertise to enhance technology for smarter charging of electric vehicles. The two companies decided on starting collabaroation after meeting in Tallinn in early may as a part of King and queen of Sweden official visit to Tallinn.


The Estonian company Elmo has been providing the electric car sharing service since 2013, and in the last three years has focused on the development of remote control technology (teledriving), with the aim of bringing the cars to the customer, thus making the service smarter, more environmentally friendly and more convenient for the customer. Elmo is currently the only one in the world that uses remote control technology in daily service on public roads. The new autonomous charging lane for electric cars makes the service even more efficient: “In order to ensure service quality, we need to charge electric cars between scheduled trips, and the innovative autonomous charging lane to be built promises to significantly improve the process for our customers, minimize downtime and increase user satisfaction. The content of the cooperation is to build a pilot charging station, which will be installed near Elmo’s head office in Tallinn, in the Ülemiste business district.” commented Enn Laansoo Jr., the CEO and Founder of the Elmo company.


This collaboration aims to provide teledriven cars with automatic charging capabilities to ensure readiness for further deployment. Similar installations will be evaluated and developed for public spaces during this project, eventually supplying Elmo’s entire operational network with automatic charging infrastructure.


Elonroad’s CEO, Karin Ebbinghaus, highlights the mutual benefits of this alliance in enhancing electric vehicle charging infrastructure and promoting the widespread adoption of sustainable transportation solutions. It’s a perfect combination of two megatrends – electrification and shared economy. The partnership is committed to driving industry-wide growth and fostering environmental consciousness.


The development plan follows a two-step approach: executing a pilot project and, upon successful completion, transitioning to a full-scale commercialization phase. Elonroad will develop and install the charging station, utilizing their proprietary 22kW automatic charging technology and retrofitting an electricity collector on a Nissan Leaf vehicle.


Elmo’s CEO, Enn Laansoo, Jr., emphasizes autonomous charging solutions’ crucial role in remote activities. Integrating Elonroad’s technology into Elmo’s operations will contribute to emission-free urban transportation, unlock new operational possibilities, and significantly enhance overall operating efficiency.


Elmo is revolutionizing car sharing by delivering its electric rental cars remotely to customers with its innovative teledriving technology since 2022, being the first in European service. The charging station pilot with Elonroad will be the next big step in the company´s service development.


For media inquiries, please contact:

Elmo CEO

Enn Laansoo Jr.
Phone: +372 5216858

Elonroad CEO

Karin Ebbinghaus
Phone number: 46 070 339 55 42


Elonroad is a Swedish cleantech company dedicated to revolutionizing the electric vehicle charging landscape. With their innovative conductive charging track, Elonroad aims to make EV charging more efficient, convenient, and accessible. By seamlessly integrating charging technology into road surfaces, Elonroad enables EVs to charge while in motion, eliminating the need for frequent stops at traditional charging stations. Elonroad’s solution relies on a network of IoT sensors embedded in the infrastructure. These sensors collect real-time data, monitor road conditions, and enhance safety. Elonroad optimizes charging and power distribution through intelligent algorithms, improving efficiency and reliability. The data also supports better planning, traffic management, and infrastructure development, fostering sustainable and connected environments.


Elmo is a cutting-edge European first-mover, teledriving tech developer, providing teledriving electrical car transportation services within urban environments to maximize business operational efficiency. Elmo has six teledrivable e-cars and is currently active in Estonia, being the first in the world who got permission to service customers in public roads. Preparing additional twenty teledrivable e-cars, aiming to operate in at least two more EU countries in 2023, and has a strategy for fast tech license global scaling.