Elmo, the world’s first remote-control service provider, participated in the annual Autonomy Mobility World Expo, the world’s largest trade fair focused on sustainable and smart transportation services, in Paris, which brought together thousands of interested parties and key industry players.

Elmo was represented among 200 exhibitors from a total of 80 countries who represented various transport solutions aimed at sustainable development. Mobility TV, a French television channel focused on mobility solutions, highlighted Elmo as one of the six most potential changemakers in the sustainability of urban traffic.

‘We have been introducing our remote-control service and technology in Central Europe for the last 9 months, and negotiations are underway with several car sharing companies and districts to make their service more sustainable and profitable by implementing a remote-control service. As part of the fair, we made several new contacts with lawmakers to discuss which legislative framework would need to be adjusted for the introduction of remote-controlled technology on public roads,’ said Enn Laansoo Jr, the CEO of Elmo. ‘I can safely say that, at the current stage of development, the remote-control technology
developed by Elmo can be considered innovative worldwide and has great potential for large international markets.’
In addition to Elmo, other companies from Estonia focused on future mobility were also represented, such as Bolt, Äike, Liigu, Comodule, Oolter Bike.

Elmo is an Estonian company whose main field of activity is the development of innovative deep tech technology (see elmoremote.com) and the provision of environmentally friendly vehicle sharing services (see elmorent.ee). Elmo is the first company of rental vehicles with a responsible business quality label in Estonia.