The public launch of Elmo’s world-first road-legal teledriving technology in the Netherlands will take place at the ‘Vakbeurs Openbare Ruimte’ Expo in Utrecht on September 27 and 28. This event is a collaboration between the Estonian teledriving technology company Elmo, Dutch Automated Mobility (DAM), and international insurance company AON Netherlands. It marks the beginning of a revolution in the shared car sector in the Netherlands.

Elmo´s teledriving technology, which can be licensed by other shared car operators, will be demonstrated during the event as Elmo’s teledriven car drives outside the expo area while being controlled from inside the hall. This demonstration is for illustrative purposes, as the car can be operated from anywhere in the world by certified teledrivers. The advantage of teledriven shared cars is that they are delivered to people’s homes by a ‘teledriver,’ thus reducing the need for city parking space. Once inside, the customer takes control of the vehicle and drives to their intended destination.

Elmo is the world’s first and only company with both a road-legal teledriving technology platform and a fleet of shared cars in operation. In Estonia and Finland, teledriven shared cars are already on public roads, with 24,000 users and 140 cars in operation. Elmo’s CEO, Enn Laansoo Jr., is delighted that the first step has also been taken in the Netherlands: „This partnership represents a remarkable leap forward in the evolution of mobility and shared car delivery services in the Netherlands. Our goal is to bring Elmo’s cutting-edge technology to the forefront of convenience, and we believe teledriven shared cars will revolutionize the current rental car landscape.“

In the Netherlands, Dutch Automated Mobility now has more than five years of experience in operating autonomous and remote-controlled systems. This made it the designated implementation and realization partner for Elmo. Co-founder of Dutch Automated Mobility, Alwin Bakker, emphasizes the significance of this partnership. „This is another exciting addition to our mission of advancing autonomous and teleoperated systems in the Netherlands. Following self-driving shuttles and delivery robots, we are now collaborating with Elmo to bring teledriven shared cars to the streets of Netherlands and to the doors of Dutch customers. Our partner, Aon, will support us from the risk assessment and insurance side.”

Robert Boshouwers, co-founder of Dutch Automated Mobility adds, “This partnership means not only a leap into the future of mobility, but also a proof of the innovative spirit of our organizations. With this we will make shared cars more accessible to more people, fewer shared cars will be needed in the city and more space will be available in the urban environment.”

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