The team of Elmo, the world’s first company to offer car sharing with remotely controlled cars on public roads, was extended by new remote drivers certified by the Transportation Authority, allowing the company to expand their remote-controlled electric car service and fleet on Estonian roads.

Last autumn, Elmo launched a service where rental cars were brought to customers via remotely controlled cars. By now, a total of three remote drivers have been certified with at least seven soon to be added. The service is gaining popularity due to its novelty as well as practicality in terms of better time management.

According to Enn Laansoo, Jr., CEO of Elmo, the right to drive issued by the Transportation Authority is unique in the world. “We have taken another leap for the company as well as the world, because our remote-controlled cars as well as the remote drivers are the first in the world to pass an examination of the Transportation Authority, being granted permission to drive on public roads and to service customers on a daily basis. This serves as an assurance that the technology we developed corresponds to all necessary safety requirements.”

In addition to Estonia, the company has trained remote drivers and tested the technology on the public roads of Berlin, Munich, Hanover, Paris, Los Angeles, Helsinki and other foreign cities where the technology and its opportunities have been introduced.

“The addition of new remote drivers is a big step towards our future vision where consumers can use a convenient car sharing service, travel more efficiently and more sustainably,” added Laansoo Jr..

The key to ELMO’s success is the innovativeness of the Estonian state with their all-round readiness for support and cooperation. “The testing of ELMO’s remote-controlled cars and the examination is a good example of how open Estonia is to innovative solutions that correspond to all safety requirements. We are so happy that Estonia’s first electric car rental service company has taken the lead in this innovation of our traffic culture,” said Jürgo Vahtra, head of the Land Vehicle Unit at the Transportation Authority.


Elmo is an Estonian company whose main field of activity is the development of remote-controlled cars and related innovative technologies (see and the provision of an environmentally friendly vehicle sharing service (see


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