In September the short-term rental income of ELMO Rent amounted to 78,341 euros, which is 1.6 times higher than in the same period of the previous year (49,625 euros in September 2021). The total sales turnover was 189,616 euros (159,524 euros in September 2021, an increase of 19%).

In comparison to the August result, the turnover of short-term rentals decreased by 16% in the last month (93,056 euros in August 2022 vs. 78,341 euros in September 2022). However, in comparison with the same time period, the total sales turnover increased by 100% (the total sales turnover was 94,582 euros in August 2022 and 189,616 euros in September 2022). The sales turnover in September includes short-term rental and revenue from the resale of electric cars with the aim of bringing those cars back to rent.

The number of registered new clients decreased by 34% compared to the previous year (738 in September 2021, 489 in September 2022) and decreased by 42% comparing to month before (838 in August 2022). The main reason for decreas has been testing of new app and registratsion process, what has brought out IT-system related obstacles.

With the sales turnover and the addition of new clients, ELMO Rent attaches equal importance to the CO2 emissions saved in the urban space by environmentally friendly cars. In September, ELMO Rent electric cars covered 301,089 km (448,409 km in August 2022), saving more than 36,733 kg CO2 (54,706 kg CO2 in August 2022) emissions.

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Enn Laansoo Jr

Member of the Management Board