We are making an overview of the ways of payment considering data protection. Since last November you can pay for Elmo Rent trips by your bank card or making a deposit. Bank card is a simple and effortless way of payment, prepayment is the payment very similar to the invoice payment used earlier.

Payment by a bank card is easy and secure. We accept most of the existing credit and debit cards that have the activate internet payment function. Today all new debit cards should have this function. If needed you can easily activate it.
Maksekeskus AS offers us a secure connection between your bank card and our system. The car data are so secure that even we, the service provider, cannot see them.  Maksekeskus AS is a subsidiary of Eesti Post AS (Omniva) and is accountable to the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority.
After each trip the your bank account is debited automatically for the amount of the payment.

Prepayment is the way of payment similar to invoice payment. If you prefer it, you only have to check your balance via our customer service. Your prepayment invoice will be automatically forwarded to your e-mail. Please note that crediting of our account might take some time at night and on the weekends.

Is it difficult to decide? We recommend bank card payments and automated payment process, as then you don’t need to check the availability of assets on your prepayment account and make separate payments.

Should you wish to change the way of payment, prepayment amount or card details, please don’t hesitate to contact us at  info@elmorent.ee.

ELMO Rent electric car rental is easy, secure and friendly!