Before ELMO Rent brought electric motorcycles to the streets of Tallinn, one of the most practical vehicle categories was made public. Namely, from April, you can also find the most affordable van in Tallinn among ELMO Rent cars.

“We saw a clear need in the market – a short-term rental car is cheap and convenient for transporting larger goods.” commented Julia Nekrassova, CEO of the company’s move: “We had been planning vans for a long time, but the range of electric commercial vehicles did not suit the needs of our customers. Since March, we have also been offering our customers green gas vehicles, and during the testing we came to the conclusion that green gas and freight transport are ideal for each other. Customers do not have to worry about the weight of the goods or the length of the route when performing practical tasks.

ELMO Rent is a domestic vehicle sharing platform that grew out of electric car rental. Today, the company has a platform that enables contactless short-term rental services, through which owners of environmentally friendly cars can make money with their vehicles.