ELMO RENT renews activities

  • 340,000 euros is invested in the services renewal;
  • New owners see a bright perspective in the short-term rental services on the shared economy basis;
  • It is planned to enlarge the car fleet and make the electric car rental services more accessible for a larger user community.    

ELMO RENT that terminated its activities last summer makes a fresh start in September under the leadership of the new owners. ELMO RENT Ltd. has acquired the rental services of electric cars together with the car fleet from the state at the auction for 277,000 euros. 

“We are happy that ELMO short-term rental services have been well accepted by the users so far and hope that the new owners will further successfully grow the popularity of the services”, concluded Indrek Gailan, Head of Transport Development and Investments Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.   

The new owners of ELMO RENT see a bright perspective in the short-term rental services on the shared economy basis and plan to contribute to a long-term growth of the rental services, having named the coming of the services’ second wind to the market “ELMO RENT 2.0 “.

Since today, September 13th, 31 electric cars (22 Nissan Leaf and 9 Mitsubishi i-Miev) are back on the road and the rental services will be further provided the usual and already familiar way. “All our energy has been devoted so far to the renewal of the services, i.e. to maintenance and preparation of the cars, distribution thereof between the rental points and testing of our booking system”, explained Indrek Klaassen, Managing Director of ELMO RENT Ltd. You can rent the electric cars in Tallinn, Tartu and by the end of the season also in Pärnu almost on the earlier terms.

In the next stage we will update the booking system and improve the accessibility of the services for a larger user community by adding new rental points and attracting new target groups”. “The aim of ELMO RENT 2.0 is to become a pioneer in the user-friendliness of the rental services by improving the convenience and simplicity of the services, increasing the car fleet and number of rental points. The amount of the initial investment is 340,000euros”, mentioned Klaassen.

“We are oriented at fast modifications and improvements and therefore we are opened for your feedback.  We invite all previous and new users as well as the entire electric car community to share your user experience, new ideas and collaboration thoughts about possible improvement of the services”, added Klaassen.

Since today you can register as a user on ELMO RENT website at www.elmorent.ee. Having become a user, you can rent a car straight in the street, the start and completion of the ride is performed by your cell phone.


KredEx Foundation terminated providing the short-term rental services in last July due to the expiry of the public procurement contract and achieving the set goals.  In April the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications announced an opened auction for the electric car rental services established under the ELMO program together with the car fleet of 31 electric cars (22 Nissan Leaf and 9 Mitsubishi i-Miev) and 15 regular chargers for rented electric cars.

Four bidders participated in the auction and ELMO RENT Ltd’s joint offer of 277,000 euros was recognized successful. The auction initial price was 120,000 euros.

Should you have any questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.