ELMO RENT offered its future fans an opportunity to get a part of ELMO RENT 2.0 success via the EstateGuru crowd funding campaign. The crowd funding campaign gained high popularity and investors were found within just some hours; the total funding amounts to 75,000 euros.

ELMO RENT 2.0 bridge financing

  • The loan is used for the enlargement of business activities.
  • Two built up properties with old barracks in the area of Pakri science park are offered by the borrower as the guarantee.
  • Loan repayment is made by bank refinancing within 12 months.
  • Loan is served from different company revenues and the revenue from electric car rental services.
  • The borrower’s partner also provides a personal pledge for the entire mortgage amount.
  • Second line mortgage is established in favour of EstateGuru investors in the name of the pledging agent.

One of the borrower’s partners, Enn Laansoo Jr., has earlier raised capital via the EstateGuru platform in relation to “PAKRI Kivi 12 industrial building” loan, which by now has been fully and successfully paid back to the investors with the accumulated interests (€490,000 + interests).