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We buy all CITIGOe iV electric cars from ŠKODA warehouse

ELMO Rent buys all new electric cars CITIGOe iV from the warehouse of ŠKODA Tallinn, the country’s largest Škoda dealer. In total 18 of ŠKODA’s first all-electric series cars will be added to our fleet. “We are keeping pace with global car market trends. While car sales in general have been declining for several years, […]

Our longest-running Renault Zoe is here, come and drive!

City Motors handed over the first Renault Zoe electric cars with the longest range to ELMO Rent. On Wednesday, May 27, City Motors AS handed over Renault Zoe – the first electric cars in its price class with the longest mileage in Estonia – to the short-term rental company ELMO Rent OÜ. The vehicles have […]

ELMO Rent’s transition to global minute-based pricing

The short-term electric car-rental company ELMO Rent will change its pricing to a minute-based model starting from 16th of March. This change will make it possible to offer customers more favourable short-term rental of environmentally-friendly vehicles in Estonia, and a more precise calculation of usage times than was previously available. “In the past year, our […]