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ELMO Rent welcomed Bolt’s car sharing service in a special manner

Bolt Drive, a new car sharing service, came out today. ELMO Rent, which came out with remote-controlled car technology in March, welcomed the competitor with a box full of domestic organic sparkling wine. The gift was delivered by ELMO Rent’s remote control car. ” No risk, no gain,” praised Julia Nekrassova, CEO of ELMO Rent, […]

ELMO Rent remotely controlled car controller 2.0

Last March we came public with our R&D in remotely controlled cars technology (see ELMO Rent believes that remote-controlled cars will take car sharing to a whole new level). Technology development has been actively ongoing and now we have new car controller, what includes the main functions for our every day service (starting the rental session […]

ELMO Rent now has also vans for rent

Before ELMO Rent brought electric motorcycles to the streets of Tallinn, one of the most practical vehicle categories was made public. Namely, from April, you can also find the most affordable van in Tallinn among ELMO Rent cars. “We saw a clear need in the market – a short-term rental car is cheap and convenient […]