TALLINN, July 8, 2024 — The car-sharing company Elmo and the charging solution provider Elonroad proudly announce the inauguration of the world’s first fully automatic charging station for teledriven cars, marking a significant milestone in sustainable transportation.

Located in the heart of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, the charging facility was inaugurated as the world’s first for teledriven vehicles to charge on an automatic conductive rail. Elmo’s road-legal teledrivable Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe, which received special retrofitting by Elonroad, were both presented during the automatic charging rail opening event.

Elmo, a leader in developing remotely controlled technology and its application in car-sharing, road safety and other sectors, needed fully automated charging systems to keep charging interruptions at a minimum, reduce the extra workforce and extra driving to and from Elmo’s HQ, to charge the teledriven cars where no physical person can go out and charge the vehicle manually.

For electric vehicles equipped with teledriven technology, the reliance on cable-based charging systems presents significant operational challenges, underscoring the need for automatic charging. A first step in this direction is the inauguration of the automatic charging system in Tallinn, eliminating the need for human intervention, optimizing operational efficiency, and supporting seamless teledriven vehicle operations. In the future, Elmo is planning to roll out more charging stations to support its technology licensing scaling globally.

The project is co-funded by EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union.

Enn Laansoo, Jr., CEO and Co-Founder of Elmo, shared his excitement about the integration: “Humanless charging is vital for maintaining our leadership in the rapidly expanding teledriving sector. It underscores our strategic approach to remotely controlled vehicles and highlights the remarkable momentum that teledriving technology has built over the last year and a half.”

Karin Ebbinghaus, CEO Elonroad, ” We are now ready to assist Elmo and their partners as they scale their business,” says Karin. “It is very interesting for us to carry out this type of project in a country like Estonia, which is at the forefront of digitalization. Furthermore, the project represents a perfect combination of the two megatrends of electrification and sharing economy.”

The inauguration event was honored by a special presentation from Andrea Costa of the EIT Urban Mobility, emphasizing the project’s role in achieving broader sustainable transportation goals. EIT Urban Mobility’s Interim Director of Innovation, Dr. Adriana Diaz, added “Our funding of Elonroad’s charge stations reflects our strong belief in its potential to advance sustainable mobility. By automating EV charging and extending battery life, this technology reduces wait times and decreases reliance on raw materials for energy storage. We’re also excited to partner with ELMO, as Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM) vehicles are crucial for transforming transportation. This forward-looking collaboration combines cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation in sustainable road transport, aligning with Europe’s vision to lead in CCAM innovation, enhancing mobility, reclaiming time, and improving road safety”.

About Elmo: Elmo is the company behind the world’s first road-legal teledriving technology development that has been in operation in public car-sharing services since 2022. Additionally, technology is used in the road safety sector on TMA Truck. Elmo’s tele-drivable cars started daily operations on public streets in two cities in Estonia and Helsinki, Finland, and have gathered valuable experience from public streets of Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Lithuania, the US and other countries. Elmo’s vision is to transform mobility and increase sustainability with innovative remote driving solutions. More information about Elmo.

About Elonroad: Elonroad is a Swedish cleantech company specializing in conductive charging technology, offering automated dynamic and static solutions for electric vehicles. By integrating charging rails directly into the road, Elonroad enables vehicles to charge on the go and for logistic companies when they load or unload, boosting operational efficiency and reducing downtime. Elonroad’s charging solutions significantly decrease CO2 impact and lower the total cost of ownership by up to 40%. Elonroad is working on projects such as the first electric highway outside Paris in collaboration with VINCI. Additionally, the company is partnering with Aisin, a global leader in automotive components, and supporting several logistics companies like Elis with their charging infrastructure. More information about Elonroad.

About IT Urban Mobility: EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union, aims to accelerate solutions and the transition towards a user-centric, integrated and truly multimodal transport system. As the leading European innovation community for urban mobility, EIT Urban Mobility works to avoid fragmentation by facilitating collaboration between cities, industry, academia, research and innovation to solve the most pressing mobility challenges of cities. Using cities as living labs, its industry, research and university partners will demonstrate how new technologies can work to solve real problems in real cities by transporting people, goods and waste in smarter ways. More information about EIT Urban Mobility.

For more information please contact:

Enn Laansoo Jr, CEO & co-founder Elmo
Email: enn@elmoremote.com
Phone: + 372 521 6858

Karin Ebbinghaus, CEO Elonroad
Email: Karin@elonroad.com
Phone: + 46 70 339 55 42