Bolt Drive, a new car sharing service, came out today. ELMO Rent, which came out with remote-controlled car technology in March, welcomed the competitor with a box full of domestic organic sparkling wine. The gift was delivered by ELMO Rent’s remote control car.

No risk, no gain,” praised Julia Nekrassova, CEO of ELMO Rent, the new Bolt’s service, adding: “Innovation is for the brave. Now that they have gone from a shared drive company to a car-sharing company, we will soon be driving remote-controlled vehicles in the streets.”

According to Nekrassova, the purpose of the remote control system is to be able to move cars between the customers from the office without a driver, so that the customer could order a car to his front door like a taxi by one button touch. “Therefore, we found that the best way to welcome a new service provider to the market is to do it with a remote-controlled car,” commented Julia Nekrassova, CEO of ELMO Rent.

At the time when the remote-controlled car technology was presented in March, ELMO Rent also started preparing the electric motorcycle sharing service. “Our innovation platform is an emission-free electric vehicle, and environmental protection is our conscious policy. Also, in creating your own vehicle sharing community. However, the share of electric cars in Bolt’s fleet is likely to be too small, “said Nekrassova, adding that “this is the end of the traditional car rental era, because car sharers have taken the lead in the city and it’s nice to be one of them.” 

Founded in 2013, ELMO Rent is one of the world’s first and today Estonia’s largest environmentally friendly car sharing companies. Its vision is an emission-free, people-oriented and resource-sharing green living environment, and its mission is to offer people the most environmentally friendly way to use a vehicle.

Watch a video of a remote-controlled car driving to a Bolt office: