In March, ELMO Rent announced that in the future their cars would be able to drive to the next user on their own. Now the company is showing and talking about how their technology works.

“Although it seems in the cityscape that the car is moving without a driver, then in fact it is not quite so. The car is equipped with modern communication technology developed by us and is controlled from our office. The remote driver sits here as if in a simulator with a real-time direct connection to the car,” explains Julia Nekrassova, CEO of ELMO Rent.

According to her, the remote-control car technology in the field of vehicle sharing and rental is a big step towards the future: “First of all, the customer no longer has to go to the car, but the car comes to his house. Second, one remote control can move dozens of cars between customers during the day.”

Nekrassova is pleased to make the world a better place: “All in all, it means a new level of user-friendliness, more efficient use of resources, and as our innovation platform is the electric car, the result is more environmentally friendly practices and less emissions.”

The CEO of ELMO Rent adds that although the first street trips have already been made with a remote-controlled car, this technology must pass a series of driving tests in the autumn to enter the market here and elsewhere.

“Great science fiction writers predicted all kinds of interesting technological solutions for our time. But someone must implement those predictions and bring them to people. It feels good to do that. The fantasies of my childhood are the everyday life of my adulthood,” meditates Nekrassova.

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